A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Filming Locations

Venice Beach and Hollywood, California is where you can find the classic locations from this 1980’s horror-hit

Location #1

“Nancy Thompson’s Residence”

google street view > 1428 N. Genesee Ave. Hollywood, Ca. 90046

Location #2

The High School exterior scenes were shot at John Marshall High School

google street view > 3924 Tracy St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90027

Location #3

The High School interior scenes were shot at John Burroughs Middle School

google street view > 600 S Mc Cadden Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Location #4

“Glen Lantz’s House”

google street view >  1419 N. Genesee Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90046

Location #5

“Tina Gray’s House”

google street view > 620 Millwood Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90291

Location #6

“The creepy alley behind Tina’s house where Freddy is walking”

google street view > 612 Milwood Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90291

 Location #7

“Cahuenga Branch Library”

google street view > 4591 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90029

Location #8

“The Cemetery”

The Evergreen Cemetery

google street view > 204 N. Evergreen Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90033 

Location #9

“Katja Sleep Institute”

American Jewish University

google street view > 15551 Mulholland Dr. Los Angeles, Ca. 90077

Location #10

“The Canal Bridge”

google street view > 2311 Eastern Ct. Venice, Ca. 90291

Location #11

“Rod Gets Arrested”

google street view > Glyndon Ave & Morningside Way, Los Angeles, CA 90291


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‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’

When: 11/16/1984,

Starring: Heather LangenkampJohnny DeppRobert Englund

Written & Directed By: Wes Craven

First Published Feb 8, 2017, 9:55am

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