American Horror Story “Murder House” Filming Location – Season 1 Hollywood Landmark

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The Murder House featured in American Horror Story season 1 was filmed in a Hollywood, California neighborhood. Visitors will be sent away but you can still drive-by and take a pic.

view on google street: Westchester Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90019


Updated September 1st 2018:

Crews were spotted filming at Murder House for Season 8 Apocolypse (view here…)


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‘American Horror Story – Season 1 Murder House’

When: 2011, FX

Starring: Connie BrittonDylan McDermottEvan PetersAngela BassettSarah PaulsonDenis O’Hare

Written By: Ryan MurphyBrad Falchuk

First Published: Jan 15, 2017, 23:24

Behind The Scenes | It Was Filmed Here | Where Was It Filmed?

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