Corporate Pointe at West Hills / Rocketdyn / Raytheon Missile Systems

Located in the north-west end of the San Fernando Valley sits the old Raytheon Missile Systems and Rocketdyn West Valley division. The Corporate Pointe at West Hills has recently been host to a few of Hollywood’s biggest TV shows including The Last Man On Earth & Rosewood.

What a perfect place to film the The Last Man On Earth’s season 3. The post apocalyptic comedy starring Will Forte secretly filmed inside 3 separate buildings on this property.

Did they know that this location was the site of a real nuclear meltdown? (read more)

Season 3 of FOX’s Rosewood has recently been spotted filming at the Corporate Point at West Hills

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google map view > Roscoe Blvd & Fallbrook Ave, West Hills, CA 91304

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