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ET – Extra Terrestrial


Filming Locations

“Elliot’s Family Home”

google street view > 7121 Lonzo St, Tujunga, CA 91042



“The Boys meet up at the park”

Porter Ridge Park aka ET Park

google street view > Reseda Blvd & Sesnon Blvd Northridge, CA 91326



“The Bikes Starts To Fly”

Just North Of The Intersection

google street view > White Oak Ave & Tulsa St, Los Angeles, CA 91344

Heading North On White Oak Avenue As They Start To Fly ….


“Neighborhood Shots”

google street view > Wilbur Tampa Park, Los Angeles, CA 91326

Braemore Road And Brasilia Drive, Porter Ranch


“The Bus Stop”

google street view > Northwest Corner  Vista Grande Way & Capistrano Ln, Porter Ranch, CA 91326


“Trick Or Treating”

google street view > Killimore Ave & Granada Cir, Los Angeles, CA 91326

* ET Sees Yoda as they are walking South On Granada Cir.


“The Toilet Papered House”

google street view > 18967 Granada Cir, Porter Ranch, CA 91326

“A Blue car follows Michael on his bike”

google street view > Heading West On Brasilia Dr & Killimore Ave, Porter Ranch, CA 91326

Michael Making A Turn While Being Followed By The Blue Car

Heading Southwest On Killimore Avenue And Turning Left Onto Viking Avenue, Porter Ranch


Michael Riding The Bike Behind A House And Then

He Rides Up A Small Hill To Get Away From The Car

google street view > 19023 Rinaldi St, Northridge, CA 91326

“Where The Bubble Gets Released From The Van”

google street view > Killimore Ave & Granada Cir, Los Angeles, CA 91326



Spot Where The Police Start To Chase The Bikes

Turning Right Onto Killimore Avenue From Calle Vista Circle, Porter Ranch

google street view > Between 11874 & 11870 Killimore Ave, Los Angeles, CA 9132


google street view > Intersection of Darby Ave & Beaufait Ave, Porter Ranch, CA 91326

“Elliott And ET Turn North Onto Beaufait Ave while everyone else head Northeast On The Hills


The Car Waiting For The Bikes To Come To The Bottom Of The Hill

google street view > 11940 Beaufait Ave, Porter Ranch, CA 91326


The Boys Then Turn Left Onto Celtic Way From Eddleston Drive Porter Ranch

google street view > They Ride Behind The House At 11860 Eddleston Dr, Los Angeles, CA 91326



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Cast & Crew 

Directed By: Steven Spielberg


Written By: Melissa Mathison


Starring: Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, Peter Coyote

Plot Summary

A boy and an alien become best friends …

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Production Co.

Universal Pictures / Amblin Entertainment

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