Girlboss: Season 1 (2017) Filming Locations – Netflix Original Series

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WOODLAND HILLS – 9/20/2016 – The new Netflix original series “GirlBoss” was spotted filming in Warner Center, California

view on google street: Burbank Blvd. Woodland Hills, Ca


Thank you “@ericvideo” for the pic & tip!

Fun Fact: The new FOX series Lethal Weapon was filming in the same area on the same day.

Location #2

8/25/2016 – Girlboss was spotted filming in Hollywood this morning at the Taft Building on the Corner of Hollywood & Vine

view on google street: 6280 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028


Thank you “@CNNLADavid” for the tip!

Location #3

07/26/2016 – Exie BookerCourtney Daniels & Lynn Adrianna Freedman were all spotted filming Girlboss in Pasadena, California this week.

Near S. Grand Ave, Pasadena, CA
Thank you “MM5” for the tip!

Location #4

Sophia’s Apartment

unknown location – got a tip?

Location #5

Sophia goes to Texas to retrieve the Jacket (episode 1.11)

unknown address – Got a Tip? 

Location #6

The girls steal a Christmas Tree (episode 1.11)

unknown address – Got a Tip? 

Location #7

Sophia visits the Ebay girl (episode 1.11)

unknown address – Got a Tip? 

‘Girlboss – Season 1’

When: 2017, Netflix

Starring: Exie Booker, Courtney Daniels, Lynn Adrianna Freedman

Created By: Kay Cannon

First Published: Jul 14, 2016, 10:33

Behind The Scenes | It Was Filmed Here | Where Was It Filmed?

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