Half Baked (1998) Filming Locations

Half Baked (1998)

Location #1

Harland talks to a horse in front of ‘Pizza Pizza’

google street view > 346 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1R8, Canada

The prison exterior was filmed at the Harris Water Filtration Plant in Ontario

google street view > 2701 Queen St E, Scarborough, ON M4E 1H4, Canada

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Cast & Crew 

Directed By: Tamra Davis


Written By: Dave Chappelle, Neal Brennan


Starring: Dave Chappelle, Guillermo Díaz, Jim Breuer, Harland Williams, Rachel True, Clarence Williams III, Laura Silverman, Tommy Chong, Snoop Dogg, Jon Stewart, Willie Nelson, Janeane Garofalo

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Universal Pictures

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