Katrina: American Crime Story (2018) Filming Locations

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Ryan Murphy is bringing us a new American Crime Story “Katrina”. Season 3 will be based on the 2005 storm that rocked the Gulf region. Matthew Broderick & Annette Bening have both signed on and will begin filming in New Orleans starting spring, 2018.

 People who were trapped inside the Memorial Hospital and the Doctors who started out trying to save lives, ended up euthanizing patients. The series will tell the story about when people have been abandoned by their government and how they will do anything to survive.

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‘Katrina: American Crime Story’

When: 2018, FX

Starring: Annette Bening as Kathleen Blanco, Matthew Broderick

Directed By: Ryan Murphy

First Published Jan 10, 2017, 08:05

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