Orange Is The New Black

HBO Original Series

‘Season 1’

Filming Locations

8/22/2014 – Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center (jail location #1)


“Orange is the New Black” mostly films at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens (jail location #2)
google street view > 36th St, Astoria, NY 11106

Fun Film Fact: just one floor above the Sesame Street set.


1. Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury (jail location #3)


Thank you “News Times” for the pic & tip!

Fun Film Fact: Blow, with Johnny Depp was filmed here at this location


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

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Cast & Crew

Plot Summary

The show itself takes place in a fictional women’s prison in Litchfield, NY. There is a jail in Litchfield Connecticut, which was built in 1812 and is currently for sale. The inspiration for the jail in Orange is the New Black, however, is FCI Danbury in Connecticut. A minimum-security women’s prison at the moment, FCI Danbury is going to house only men starting next year. Inmates are currently being transferred from the 1940-built structure. Famous inmates of FCI Danbury include: Lauryn Hill, Sun Myung Moon, and Jean Therese Brown.

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