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The Last Man On Earth ‘Season 3’ (2017) Filming Locations

2016 TV Series

The Last Man On Earth ‘Season 3’ (2017) Filming Locations

The Last Man On Earth in Malibu

The Last Man On Earth ‘Season 3’ (2017) Filming Locations

The Last Man On Earth ‘Season 3’ (2017) Filming Locations
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The 3rd season of the raddest show on earth was spotted filming in “West Hills & Chatsworth” California

Location #1

The group finds a new home in an abandoned self-sustainable office building in the Valley

google street view > Roscoe Blvd & Fallbrook Ave, West Hills, CA 91304


12/15/2016 – Lewis’ airplane was spotted in West Hills, California

google street view > Roscoe Blvd & Fallbrook Ave, West Hills, CA 91304


09/15/2016 – FOX signs pointing to The Last Man on Earth set was spotted in West Hills

google street view > Roscoe Blvd & Fallbrook Ave, West Hills, CA 91304


11/11/2016 – Mama’s Hideaway (episode 3.7) Phil & Carol’s new house was spotted inside the group’s new office-building home.

google street view > Roscoe Blvd & Fallbrook Ave, West Hills, CA 91304



Location #2

08/17/2016 – Will Forte & the Last Man on Earth crew were spotted in Malibu filming season 3. Lot’s of yellow signs labeled FOX were posted at the entrance to Zuma Beach parking lot along with the A-Team Van.

google street view > 30000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265





Thank you “gwendolyn” for the tip!

Location #3

08/04/2016 – January Jones, Will Forte and tons of production crew members were spotted filming “Last Man On Earth” season 3 on the north end of Malibu Beach this morning at ‘Leo Carrillo Beach’

google street view > 35000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265


Thank you “ginak” for the tip!

Watch Now >


General Breast Theme With Cobras (episode 3.1)

PCH Malibu, Ca

The Wild Guess Express (episode 3.2)

google street view > PCH Malibu, Ca

You’re All Going to Diet (episode 3.3)

google street view > PCH Malibu, Ca

Five Hoda Kotbs (episode 3.4)

The Power of Power (episode 3.5)

Malibu, West Hills, California

The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths (episode 3.6)

West Hills, California

Mama’s Hideaway (episode 3.7)

West Hills, California

Whitney Houston, We Have a Problem (episode 3.8)

West Hills, California

If You’re Happy and You Know It episode 3.9 fall season finale)

West Hills, California

Created By: Will Forte 

Starring: Will Forte,  Mel Rodriguez, Kristen SchaalJanuary Jones, Cleopatra ColemanMary SteenburgenKenneth ChoiMark Boone Junior

Plot Summary

The Last Man on Earth is a hit TV Show on the Fox channel. This incredible show has been renewed for a third season and we couldn’t be more excited. The show was recently spotted filming in Malibu, California as you can see above. Thanks to Gman we were able to spot the signs and trucks pointing right to the filming spot of this amazing production by Fox. The plot of “The Last Man on Earth” is about a man named Phil who is apparently the last man on the face of the planet. Little does he know that there are a few other survivors as well. He soon meets Carol, who greets him timidly, and then they eventually get married as they’ve realized their sole job is to help repopulate the world. This show has had a huge success as they keep introducing awesome characters. As you can see by the A-Team truck, they are planning on adding this twist somewhere in there. Spoiler alert: They used the Back to the Future car in the season 2 finale and it was friggin’ incredible to see. They drove it down the 118 freeway to a neighborhood tucked away in Chatsworth, California, as we have shown you on exclusively (add plot summary)

Casting Info: (add casting info)

Production Co: FOX

Original Release Date: 09/25/2016

Poster Download >

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  1. Capt. Malibu Surf Dude

    August 18, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    Hey OnSet! They’re filming The Last Man On Earth again on Malibu Beach. Please add it to this post.. We saw Will Forte and Mel Rodriguez driving in a Van. Zuma beach to be exact.
    Thank you for this great website, i stay up way too late surfing it.


    November 19, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    Corporate Point at West Hills II
    8511 Fallbrook Avenue, West Hills 91304;jsessionid=ec8m9g7qq1.dog_s?z=3&c=2&n=1&m=-1&w=4&x=0&p=9

    The address and name of the corporate building the cast is currently living for Season 3.

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