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The Farralone House


The Farralone House

The Farralone House

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Located in Chatsworth, California

On a hill in the west San Fernando Valley is the famous Farralone house.  Originally owned by Frank Sinatra, this property has been used as a private get-away for the elite for generations. The rat-pack was known to party here as well as Marilyn Monroe & John F. Kennedy. Only if the pool-house walls could talk…

This property is perfect for Hollywood to use as a location. At 6,661 sq-feet, this 1960’s style home has a grand gallery, three private offices and parking spaces for 200 cars

Dozens of classic TV series & Movies have been filmed here over the years, including:

The Last Man On Earth (2015 – 2016)

Savages (2012)

Big Little Lies (2016 – )

Good Girls Revolt (2016)

 Aquarius (2016)

Mad Men

Transformers (2007)

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